And it’s One Two Three What are we Racing For?

A wide range of prizes, trophies and honors for Pac Cup Participants

So, we know that our racers are pursuing the big Maguffin, the Pacific Cup, but that’s neither the beginning nor the end of the story.  Most Pac Cup vets will tell you that the cup awarded for “Best Overall Corrected Time” is kind of a random shot – you have to have started on a “Lucky” day with great weather.

This year’s “Lucky” day was Monday.  Everyone else got slowed down by light air.  So, pretty sure that whoever wins the cup will have started on Monday. Anyone else grabbing that honor will have done very well indeed. Well, between the first and current draft of this write-up, the Friday starters have done very well indeed!

Division Honors represent the closest competition. These are boats on the same start, grouped generally by similar ratings, or design, or displacement-to-length so that their performance is more closely matched. The Weems and Plath clocks and barometers handed out as trophies here are highly prized.

The PHRF and the Bjorn Johnson ORR Trophies. Trophies will be awarded to the best-performing PHRF boat and best performing ORR boats. These cross-division awards recognize a sterling (if not golden) performance against a broad field of similar competitors. This year, we’ve dedicated the ORR trophy to the late Bjorn Johnson who gave so much of his time to the sport.

But wait, there’s more!

Designers and Designs. We have specific trophies for best performance by a Bill Lee or Carl Schumacher design, and any group of three of one design racing. Special this year is an Express 27 trophy for best Express 27. This will pit the double-handers against the fully-crewed Bombora.

Team TrophyTeam Trophy, conceived by the Storm Trysail Club and deeded by Encinal Yacht Club, this handsome bronze statue of three dolphins goes to the team of three boats from the same club that, on aggregate, perform best in their divisions. Five teams are contesting for that. See the standings page for the latest. As of this writing, a team from Richmond Yacht Club is leading strongly.

Fastest Family Afloat and Best First Passage.  Okay, not quite the prize for the white-pants-and-blazer set, these go to the boats with family members and/or no prior passage (more rules in the Notice of Race, of course) that do the best.

The Navigator Award was previously awarded to the navigator that demonstrated the best skill at celestial navigation. Not much call for that now. After a few false starts, the award now goes to the first place navigator who, in the opinion of the second place navigators, did the best.

Best Prepared Yacht to the boat with the best preparation, nominated by the inspectors and chosen by the Chief Inspector.

More trophies can be found at

Whether you head home with some bling or just happy memories, we like to think the passage itself is a trophy!