2018 Race Date Set

July 9, 2018, will see the first starts for the 2018 Pacific Cup. This will be the 20th running of our classic race from San Francisco to Oahu.

The Pac Cup Board considered several possible weeks for our race starts, balancing tides (we prefer to start on an outgoing tide), climate trends (too early and there's no Pacific High, too late and there's too many tropical storms), school and race calendars, and moonlight (we prefer to race with some moonlight, but that's not always possible).

With good tides and a most likely positive wind pattern, the Board selected the week of July 9-13 for our starts. While this week has less moonlight than other weeks, the other factors should combine to make 2018's race a great one. Potential entrants are invited to show their interest and sign up for our newsletter at https://pacificcup.org/2018List.