LinkWav is a supporter of the 2016 Pacific Cup and is supplying the communications equipment for the official communications vessel. The LinkWav mission is to change how you purchase Inmarsat satellite airtime and save our clients a significant amount of money.  Our pay-as-you-go model and automated options are powerful tools for managing costs. We embrace the tenet that an easy-to-use service serves our clients best.

Behind LinkWav are engineers specializing in marine and communications electronics, web development and databases.  We have the singular goal of delivering Inmarsat airtime services that reflect how owners of recreational and light commercial terminals actually use their equipment.  Born out of the yacht racing market -- where satellite use is typically intermittent but intensive -- we set out to offer a service that can be managed on a per-use basis.
Our service plan is designed for smaller vessels that want to control when their terminal is active and control costs. LinkWav is typically half the cost of Inmarsat subscription plans and is ideally suited for vessels that have high usage but may leave the terminal idle for months at a time (e.g., a boat that does an occasional ocean passage).   LinkWav is a pay-as-you-go service based on Inmarsat pre-paid rates.  We manage your usage and when your passage is done, your account can rest at $0 indefinitely until you need it again.
LinkWav founder Eric Steinberg supports Pacific Cup Racers at the Alaska Airlines Pacific Offshore Academy
Eric at the POA