Where should I stay in Hawaii?

Seriously?  Hawaii is the "come stay here" capital of the US.  There are thousands and thousands of places to stay.  We have a page with some helpful links.

Whether to stay in Honolulu, where there are lots of hotels and services, or over in the Kaneohe/Kailua side of things, which is closer to Kaneohe Yacht Club but pretty much compels a house rental, is purely a matter of choice.  The drive is not too bad from, say, Waikiki to Kaneohe YC.  A hotel lets you change your plans more easily, too.  On the other hand, a home rental may be more economical, and certainly more, well, homey.  Like sails and race course, you get to pick.



The nearest hotel in Kaneohe

The nearest hotel in Kaneohe Yacht Club is the Paradise Bay Resort in Kane'ohe Bay. I recommend that hotel if you're looking for peace and quite in your journey. You can see the "Kuola" mountains in a distance. If you're looking for a paradise this si the place to go.