A week in Hawaii

I have now been in Hawaii for nearly a week. And what a week it has been! The first day was full of festivities as boats continued to arrive, with each following night having a different themed party thrown by the sponsors. I got checked into my bnb, showered, and did laundry. I unloaded 40 "items" from the shipping container of cruising gear that I want to take but don't want to race with. My dingy, outboard, tools, galley supplies, etc. The first few days didn't allow much time for myself.
Following that, I spent a fair amount of time with one of my crew mates, Mark, doing the tourist thing. Mark and his girlfriend Connie are awesome people and we will likely be lifelong friends. We hiked diamond head, saw Pearl Harbor, and Wiamea Falls. Stopped by the Dole Plantation for a quick Dole Whip. It's beautiful here.
I still intend to move on to Fiji and circumnavigate as soon as I can. Practically speaking, that will probably be next season. I think a dodger and watermaker are important upgrades to make before I go, and I don't think those will happen before the end of August. I also still need crew. This is the hardest part for me. I don't have the personality to wander docks and the yacht club and gossip and make friends. So while I make a few appearances, I am not their very often, and mostly keep to myself. I have found a marina that will take me as a liveaboard for 120 days. Then I will need to change marinas, to another one that will take me for 120 days. I'll probably try and get a job at West Marine to make it easier for me to give them all my money.