Wednesday update

Hi all,
Sorry this is a bit late, we've been a little busy, it all started with a kiss. Yes, early Tuesday evening a squid flew out of the ocean and smacked John square on the neck. He described he encounter as "slimy - like a mucus ball from Ghostbusters". Later around 2300 hours we got caught sailing too low with the A2 in big breeze. We ended up with the worst spinnaker/head foil wrap I've ever seen. We spent the next two hours trying to clear it but to no avail. We were able to wind the kite up sufficiently so that it was under control and sailed on under main alone until daylight. Once we could see what was going on it was clear the only way to fix the situation was to send someone up the mast. John volunteered. Just over an hour later we had the kite recovered. Climbing the mast is one thing, doing it at sea is a whole different ballgame. Great job by John and the rest of the crew to pull this off safely. Exhausted from the night and morning activity we decided to spend the rest of the day wing-on-wing with white sails. I'm sure our YB tracker looks interesting during recovery. Tomorrow it's back up with a kite and likely our halfway party.
Tracy and crew