Tuesday update

Hi all,

We had our first (of hopefully many) 200 nm days over the past 24 hours! Actually 200 on the nose. It's nice to be in the wind and have a spinnaker up. We ran the A3 all of yesterday afternoon and well into the night before the wind got to shifty to make sailing with only two crew on deck practical. First light this morning the wind had backed a bit more and we decided to start banking some southerly direction and put up the A2 and have been cruising along with it since. We had an unexpected visitor in the cockpit last night when an 8" flying fish flew up and hit Mike in the back of the leg while he was at the wheel. The fish then proceeded to flop all over the cockpit trying to escape before I was able to grab it and sent it back to the sea. A bit of excitement at 3 in the morning. We also had our ice cream after dinner last night. While not "firm" by any description, it did hold its shape on the spoon, was cold, and tasted great. Quite a treat where we are located - thanks Cindy! Fishing line out again this morning hoping we'll get lucky. A couple of more boat maintenance items came up this morning and they're dealt with for now. Crew is all good as we're just cycling through the watch schedule.


Tracy and crew

ps. Glad we have AIS on board as we are often tracking 15+ tankers and cargo ships the last few days. Fortunately most pass us well over 5 miles away (but that feels close in this big ocean).