Shipping Container: Send your stuff

Shipping Container: Send your stuff

Thanks to our sponsor, Pasha Hawaii, we will have a shipping container to take "stuff".


The outbound (SF to KYC) leg is quite full.  Contact Mike C at for availability.  Still have room for the return.


The cost will be $8 per foot of boat length overall to the nearest foot for the outbound trip, minimum $200.  For the return, it's $5 per foot, minimum $125. PCYC reserves the right to reject unreasonable quantities or noncompliant goods.

Full Payment will be required to reserve space in the container.  Loading for the outbound trip will take place at Richmond Yacht Club. You will be given your choice of the available outbound loading slots on payment of the full cost of the trips(s).  


PLEASE indicate your "authorized representative(s), who are the people who may deliver or collect materials on your behalf."

IMPORTANT As before we cannot accept any liquids or hazardous materials, so, for example, all jerry jugs must be completely empty and bone dry -- no fuel residue, outboards must be run to fuel starvation to eliminate all fuel residue and must have oil reservoirs completely drained, no cleaning solvents, etc. 

For further information related to the container, post your question on the Container Forum, or contact Mike Costello at

Questions or comments? Visit our forum.

If known, please indicate preferred time and date below.  All load times are subject to confirmation and change by PCYC

To load gear, you must indicate your agreement to the waiver below, including agreement to Pasha's Terms and Conditions.

WAIVER and Agreement

I understand that items I am shipping in a container provided as a service to the competitors in the 2018 Pacific Cup Race are not insured by Pasha Hawaii, Pacific Cup Yacht Club (PCYC), Richmond Yacht Club (RYC), or Kaneohe Yacht Club (KYC) for damage or loss and that neither Pasha Hawaii, PCYC, RYC nor KYC undertakes or accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any damage or loss.
If valuable things are being shipped, I understand any loss or damage is my responsibility and I assume the risk. I may provide my own insurance if I desire. I recognize PCYC is only providing a container that we pack ourselves; that RYC is only providing a location from which to load and unload the container; and KYC is only providing a location from which to unload and load the container.
I hereby release PCYC, RYC, KYC, and their respective agents, employees, directors, volunteers, members, and officers from any liability for loss or damage to any of the items shipped. I hereby waive any and all rights to seek compensation from all such entities and persons for any damage to the items shipped. I agree to defend and indemnify PCYC, RYC, KYC, and their respective agents, employees, directors, volunteers, members, and officers for any and all liability and expense arising in any way out of any claims for damage to any of the items shipped.
I understand the PCYC, RYC, and KYC are not shipping professionals and have only procured a container to assist in the transport of items that I wish sent but not carried on my vessel. I elect to do this rather than send those items by a commercial shipper. I have also seen and understand the Terms and Conditions on Pasha Hawaii’s Bill of Lading limiting the liability of the shipper. A copy of those conditions is referenced at and made a part of this agreement. I agree that neither I nor any of my representatives will ship any flammable, toxic, explosive, corrosive, hazardous, damaging, dangerous, or other items prohibited by those terms and conditions.
TYPE YOUR NAME BELOW AS YOUR LEGALLY BINDING SIGNATURE, indicate who can release and collect your stuff, with their cell numbers, and your requested load date.
Price: $0.00
Number to call regarding the boat during the evening
Pick your boat if you are shipping goods TO Hawaii
If shipping return goods, select your boat
If you have a preference, express it here. Not final till confirmed by organizer
What would you be willing to help with?