Pasha Shipment Information

Pasha LogoShipping your boat home:

One of the ways to get boats home from Hawaii is to ship it back. For the 2018 Pacific Cup, PCYC has partnered with Pasha Hawaii as the Official Shipper and Sponsor.  To utilize this shipping service, please call (866) 393- 9831 or email Pasha OHW at   Location and timing for drop off of the empty trailer will be coordinated with your Pasha Hawaii representative.




  • First, see the Pasha letter in the knowledgebase:
  • Please see the Pasha website and read the FAQ’s/Things to know prior to booking.
  • Boats and trailers must not be shipped with any loose items, particularly items of value.  Pasha cannot accept liability for lost or stolen items.
  • Masts being affixed to boat or trailer must be a minimum of 5’ high off the ground to accommodate a 9 degree ramp angle during vessel loading.  The Pasha customer service team will work with you to make sure your trailer is loaded properly for transport.
  • Boats over 40’ will require a diagram of the boat on the trailer or cradle with accurate measurements for the Pasha port captain to approve clearances for safe handling.