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Sunday, June 3, 2018 - 22:14

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Well, as for claiming an experience level of 5...its a bit of a stretch to call the Baja Haha a "race", especially when i was on the slowest boat, a 19 footer!  

Tho i have also sailed up into the Sea of Cortez, then down to Banderas bay, as well as from Huatulco, OAX up to Banderas. Also have made 4 channel crossings in the Hawaiian Islands, helped out on the traditonal polynesian sailing canoes, sailed in dozens of bay races, as well some other sailing bits here & there...(between Asia & the Carribean).

Tho some moments have been what others may experience as death defying or boring, i love every second of it.  Mostly, I long for a long crossing. I LOVE TO BE @ SEA!!!!! Also, im a great cook and massage therapist, and am able and willing (even eager) to learn all aspects!!!

Also years of living on land without electricity, and the elemental attunement & engenuity that comes with that, i feel is applicable experience. Its not the sea, tho it is raw and real. Just how i like it!!!

Feel free to contact me ASAP!



rough scale

  • 1|Minimal. I have been sailing a few times
  • 2|Basic. I have crewed on boats sailing in the bay and pulled my weight.
  • 3|Local Racer. I have crewed frequently on inshore/bay races, but limited or no overnight stuff.
  • 4|Ocean Cruiser. I have crewed or skippered on extended coastal or ocean passages
  • 5|Ocean Racer. I have crewed or skippered on one more ocean races of three days or more
  • 6|Experienced. I have sailed one or more trans ocean races >1000 miles
  • 7|Veteran. I have sailed in five or more trans ocean races >1000 miles
  • 10|Grizzled. I have sailed in ten or more trans ocean races >1000 miles