Navigation Decision

Position at 7/11/18 0700 35 59.74 N, 128 14.06 W, 1,770.4 NM to finish
Warren writes
We made a big navigation decision today. We have been looking at 2 possible courses. A short course that goes straight to Hawaii and has light air, and a long course that goes north but has a constant 15kts. The computer says to go north. It looks like other boats have turned north. After number crunching and some onboard brainstorming, the predicted time between the 2 courses is only a dozen minutes. We are going against the computer's recommendation and taking the short course. The reasoning is that if we are wrong, we only lose a few minutes. But if the wind is only a few 10ths higher than predicted, or if we can beat our polars with the spinnaker, then the gains will be large. In any case, we have committed to the strategy. This is a really fun part of this race. Unlike buoy races, I spend a few hours per day on the computer planning our course and trying to figure out what our competitors are doing. Sailing skill is still majorly important, but there is also a strategy to this game.
It was also surprising to see another race boat 200 miles off shore still within a few miles of us.