Mon/Tues update

Not a lot to tell here. Life is pretty boring slogging along with a smallish jib winged out. A boat like ours, a J120, is designed to go down wind with a large spinnaker. Since our bowsprit is out of operation that's not an option for us. To get a boat that weighs around 14,000 lbs up and moving down wind we need over 15 knots of wind - in short supply currently. You may have noticed some zig zag tracks yesterday when we tried to find reaching angles that would give us better speeds but the wind angles didn't take us any closer to our destination. So it's back to wing and wing -slow going. The only good news is that this is a pretty bomb proof sail plan. So when the usual squalls came through last night we welcomed them as they brought strong winds - no problem for our set up. Still fishing, still not catching. Some sea birds have spotted our lures and have started dive bombing them. That not something you see every day. Lots of awesome rainbows to view after the squalls. Looks like expected arrival some time on Thursday. We push on...


Tracy and crew