Medical Release and Handbook

For 2018, Pacific Cup Yacht Club has again contracted with George Washington University to provide emergency medical consultation services to our participants.  To take full advantage of this service, you should do the following:

1. Download, read, and have on board their COMMUNICATIONS MANUAL. This comprehensive document contains the key things to check and communicate to your provider in case of a medical situation.

2. Sign the Medical Information Release form. each crew member should do this. If not, emergency providers may not be able to communicate with your emergency contact or family members. This caused a fair bit of emotional distress to one spouse in 2016.

3. Enter the contents of your medical kit in your boat's profile.  This is optional, but can help an on-line responder save precious minutes if they are able to see that you have, say, a splint, antibiotic, or catheter, as the situation may require.

4. SUBSCRIBE to the service for your return trip.

And finally, take care of yourself before the trip. Stay in shape, get plenty of sleep, and be rested for your start!

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