Pacific Offshore Academy #2 At Richmond Yacht Club


Sponsored by Alaska Airlines, this October 21 will see POA #2.

StartersThis preparation seminar will feature an array of experienced participants presenting a range of topics and answering your questions.

 Registration will open at noon, and the presentations will begin at 13:00.  We should wrap up about 5 pm and proceed at that point to a party!

The seminar will include our breakout sessions and is expected to feature one or more boats outfitted with safety gear as called for by our PCER.

Preliminary agenda:

  • Gilles Combrisson will be talking about masts, halyards and spars generally. Inspections, specs, things that can go wrong, spares, fixes. 
  • Merf Owen is going to be giving his perspective on overall boat prep and major systems, how to go about it and what to prioritize. 
  • Eric Steinberg will cover electronics/power
  • Rowena Carlson (2018 Chief Inspector) will be covering inspections.
  • Pasha will be present to cover shipping your boat home.
  • Sails ... Logisitics, and a few other topics to be squeezed in
... and more!
Saturday, October 21, 2017
Date Expires: 
Sunday, October 22, 2017