2018 Pacific Cup Entry Fee

This fee begins your Pacific Cup entry process.  We collect some very preliminary information about your boat, and you.  You'll need to supply additional information, some signed documents, and additional entry fees based on length, in order to complete your entry.  There's a schedule for that.

Once we get you signed in, we can get you hooked up with your inspector/coach and all the other great things that go with participation in this great race.

Did we mention we're looking forward to seeing you at Kaneohe?  We are!

The fee $400 plus $22.50 per foot. Refunds for withdrawal are per the NOR.

NOTE: Our cruising class is presently at max capacity. Further desired entries in Cruising Class are directed to the Waiting List. To join the Waiting List, select "Waiting List" in desired division and in the LOA portion.

Price: $400.00
How many people do you expect on board? You can change this later. 2 automatically makes us think you are doublehanded.
In what division would you prefer to race?
All our updates are made by email. We require a valid email where your entry may receive these notices
Number to call regarding the boat during the evening
Please provide your length overall
This will help us assign an appropriate inspector