In Case Of Emergency

Pacific Cup Yacht Club, Inc., its board, volunteers, and competitors take safety very seriously. In the event, however, of an urgent situation, we have various response plans in place as well as contact information for key on-land and on-water participants and rescue assets, if required.

  • Sailors with an emergency: contact USCG immediately. When situation is stable, please also contact comms boat or race committee.
  • Friends/Family: do not be concerned if a boat fails to make a report or its tracker stops reporting. Usually, this is just a battery or antenna issue and is fixed within a day or two.  We are watching closely, and have never lost a boat.
  • United States Coast Guardwe have additional information available to USCG for contact, tracking, and access to boat descriptions and crew rosters. Send an email from your address for access to Note that this is for official use only.

General Emergency Contact Information

  • VHF 16
  • USCG Sector San Francisco: (415) 399-3547
    • San Francisco Bay
    • California Coast
    • High Seas
  • USCG Sector Honolulu (808) 842-2601
    • Near Hawaii
    • Kaneohe Bay