Day 2 update

Hi all,

Well there's no nice way to describe last night. It was cold and wet with light winds. We continued to work our way up and over the pesky low pressure system parked off the coast - not the best way to start a race to Hawaii. This morning we decided we've done what we can do to avoid the worst of it and made out turn southwest. The wind should fill this afternoon and start to shift right allowing us to work back down towards the great circle route over the next few days. We haven't had much sun so the solar panel hasn't been able to keep up with our demand so we've been shutting down non-critical electronics to conserve power (sorry to those who've been following our AIS track - silent mode now). Looks like we'll be running the engine more to keep our batteries charged until we get better sun conditions. Cheesy pasta was a huge hit last night - thanks Cindy! Crew is well and watches going smoothly. Looking forward to the position reports later this morning to see how the rest of our division faired overnight. Hopefully we'll have better wind to report tomorrow.


Tracy and crew