Check in 7/15 1830

Warren writes:
Today on the luxury racing yacht Eliana, we had BBQ tri-tip and potatoes. After a few days of very light wind, this afternoon wind started to build and we were able to set the kite again. We are now sailing 7+ knots right at Kaneohe. We have know way of knowing, but we suspect(hope) that the light winds will persist to our north for another day, and we will gain back some ground on the other boats in our division. It looks from the gribs that today they might have had winds in the 3-5 kt range. If that is the case then my route through the slow stuff paid off. If they get wind, then we might get slaughtered. The race overall looks very slow, with light air behind us for the other starts. Some boats that started on Wednesday are projected to take more than 20 days. Even the fastest boats that started on Friday are projected to take 12 days. It is very exciting to follow what I can, and try to plan strategy. Eliana should by all counts lose, but I think we are in a position that we have a chance, and even if we don't place in our division, I am proud of my crew, and can say we did damn well.