Check-In 7/10 0230

Position at 7/9/18 2300 - 37 19.10 N, 123 55.96 W. 1,992.0 NM to finish
Warren writes:
Please check spelling for me :) Typing in a boat that is getting tossed around-in the dark- is hard. It might make some people puke. Wind has been 20+ knots for the past 12 hours or so. We haven't seen less than 7 knots of boat speed the whole time. Ride is bumpy and very wet. The start of the race was only about 10 knots, so we needed the 130% to get out of the bay. Before the race I thought we might consider changing to a smaller jib while underway. So we brought it out on deck to have it ready so we could change it quickly. We never did. Late in the afternoon we nearly lost the sail overboard. It was dangling by a small line holding the tack of the sail to a jackline. John and I went on the foredeck to retrieve it and re tie it. We got drenched, but saved the sail. One hundred nautical miles Bio-Luminescence Stars in the Ocean Foamy clouds in the sky sea Green twinkling stars shooting by
Paul sends this video: